Why the name

Tiny Blue Flower?

Tiny Blue Flower is a name

that means a lot to me and my family, it represents the

Forget Me Not Flower for Dementia,

in honor of my Grandad,

George Edward Dodgson

About Me!

Hey! My name is Elinor, I grew up in Tenerife,

studying and working here since I was 7 years old.

I have been employed in various different sectors such as childminding, entertainment, customer service, hospitality…

I have always wanted to sell my own personalised products and during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 I had the courage to start up Tiny Blue Flower designing and selling

Christmas gifts.

Jump to 2021, whilst working as a waitress,

I became pregnant with our baby Noah and started to think about what I can do for work whilst also looking after him.

I have a variety of skills that I have taught myself over the years, and thought maybe I could put them to use, bringing

Tiny Blue Flower to life!